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The pokemon I wud catch if I could.

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The pokemon I wud catch if I could.

Postby nayakrox » July 23rd, 2010, 12:38 pm

this is the post where i wud like to tell about the pokemon i prefer in my team if i cud catch them.

[smilie=c3001.gif] Abra-my starter.
i wud like this pokemon as my starter as i personally like psy pokemon.on the other hand,its reeli cute nd can have gr8 powers if trained well.ofcorse,it will be out of the pokeball like asha pikachu as i want it to see the outside world.actually,i wud like to see it evolve into a kadabra.
[smilie=c3001.gif] Budew-a grass.
i need a grass pokemon in my team.hence i prefer budew as a roserade is wat i want.its sunnyday followed by a solarbeamis a reeli gud
strategy u will be out too as i want it to explore the world and get experience.
[smilie=c3001.gif] shellos-the water.
this is my next pokemon.i reeli want one of thoseas its a reeli cool one for swimming (i dnt noe to swim).a gastrodon,s cool muddy water attack is awesum i think.
[smilie=c3001.gif] gyarados-another water.
everyone likes a gyarados.its special for its fury.its attacks are awesum especially hyper beam and aqua tail.tho i have to catch a magicarp first its worth it dnt u think???
[smilie=c3001.gif] staravia-someone to fly on.
its a cool bird i say.its gr8 to fly on and its attacks are beyond gr8.staraptor is another choice.
[smilie=c3001.gif] ponyta_fire
the only choice.cnt hav any other fire luck.actually magma,s gr8 bt i want a horse type as i love horses.

these are my team which mostly i have caught in platinum nd pearl and am in diamond. [smilie=c3063.gif] [smilie=c3064.gif] [smilie=c3065.gif] [smilie=c3077.gif] [smilie=c3078.gif]
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