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Time bomb

Chat logs from random chat sessions between DP admins/members, just for fun ;)

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Time bomb

Postby Prongs » December 13th, 2009, 4:38 pm

* Now talking in #pokemonfunzone
* Topic is 'HaPpY BiRtHdAy DAVID aka PeTeY -'
* Set by Maxzeroedge on Fri Dec 11 10:24:10
-Wobba- Please wait silently while we deal with our current guests. You will be notified when your turn will come. You are number 13 in line. Thanks!
<@PikachuTrAiNeR> timebomb Prongs
* @Wobba stuffs the bomb into Prongs's pants. The display reads [57] seconds.
<@Wobba> Diffuse the bomb by cutting the correct wire. There are 11 wires. They are Red Pink Green Beige Grey Indigo Blue Crimson Chartreuse Bisque and Gold.
<Prongs> Crimson
<@PikachuTrAiNeR> cutwire crimson
<@PikachuTrAiNeR> not crimson
<@PikachuTrAiNeR> -.-
<Prongs> Red
<@PikachuTrAiNeR> >_>
<@PikachuTrAiNeR> I said..
<@PikachuTrAiNeR> write..
* You were kicked from #pokemonfunzone by Wobba (4*BOOOM!*)
<Prongs> You see kicking it out hurts.
<@PikachuTrAiNeR> -__-;

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