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Lufia : The Curse of The Sinistrals

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Lufia : The Curse of The Sinistrals

Postby Maxedge » July 28th, 2010, 10:46 am

A sort of remake of Lufia 2 Rise of

Sinistrals..... OR better say upgrade!
You no longer have to choose attacks and .... (sleep).
Instead it is action RPG ( If someone has played Summon Night Twin Ages or any other Summon Night DS games, they know what I mean or else see the images below ).
You can take control of all 6 characters

(Maxim, Tia, Guy, Selan, Artea, Dekar).

You are at Estopolis... a peaceful land which
is now attacked by sinistrals...

Little unrecognizable characters no more! While talking u can see the faces too!

Each player has a special ability (No longer searching for field abilities).

Presence of Ancient Caves is just for testing your strategies, skills and luck as while entering u r returned to level 1 and all items taken and have to make your way up to 100 level! (U get all the levels and items u had
before entering once u leave the cave)

TOUGHER PUZZLES! Think harder!

Lufia is a name famous for its puzzles.....But this game sure has many new features, 3D graphics, use of both the screens, better music and much more!





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