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Chapter 2: Origins Part 1: Moving and Meeting

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Chapter 2: Origins Part 1: Moving and Meeting

Postby SATOSHI OROTABA 888 » September 10th, 2021, 11:03 am

Enjoy! Chapter 2 Part 1 is out ! Plz rate it how's it so I will continue or not !

Chapter 2: Origins Part 1: Moving and Meeting
'''Origins Part 1: Moving and Meeting the Louds.''

Me and my family are moving to Michigan. My name is James Knudson but my friends call me J.D. Me, my mom and dad, my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew are moving into our new multi-million dollar mansion in Royal Woods, Michigan.

Me: I'm going to check out the neighborhood.

Sumner: Be safe.

As I checked out the neighborhood, I walked along Franklin Avenue and found one house that was really Chaotic. It was 1216 Franklin Avenue.

Me. Boy that house is hectic.

Then I accidentally bumped into someone.

Me: Oof! Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going.

But it was a boy named Lincoln.

Lincoln: It's okay. It happens to me too. Oh you must be new here. I'm Lincoln Loud.

Me: (I shake his hand) It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm James Knudson. But call me J.D. Me and my family just moved here from Castle Rock, Colorado. We live in that mansion 1 block southwest of here. (I Pointed behind me to my Mansion)

Lincoln: Wow! That's awesome. Let me introduce you to my family.

Me: Okay.

Lincoln took me inside his house. It was about as big as where I used to live.

Lincoln: Welcome to the Loud House. Let me show you around.

In the kitchen, Lincoln introduced me to his parents.

Lincoln: Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet J.D. Knudson. He just moved here from Castle Rock, Colorado.

Lynn Sr.: It's a pleasure to meet you J.D. I'm Lynn Loud Sr. and This is my lovely wife Rita.

Me: (I shake their hands) Pleasure to meet you both.

Rita: So how do you like it here in Royal Woods?

Me: It's Awesome so far.

Lynn Sr.: Well welcome to the neighborhood.

Me: Thank you.

Lincoln: Come on J.D. Let me show you our pets.

Me: Okay. It's nice to meet you both

Lynn Sr.: Pleasure is ours.

Lincoln showed me his pets: a dog, a cat, a canary and a hamster.

Lincoln: These are our pets. The dog is Charles, the cat is Cliff, the canary is Walt and the hamster is Geo. We named them after cartoon characters.

Me: They're so cute.

Lincoln: I know. Let me show you my room.

Lincoln took me upstairs to his room. It was small.

Lincoln: This is my room.

Me: It seems rather small.

Lincoln: Yeah it's a converted linen closet but I'm happy with it.

Me: Well whatever works out. You got a lot of cool stuff.

Lincoln: Thanks. Also I have 10 sisters.

Me: (Shocked) 10 Sisters!? Holy Guacamole!

Lincoln: I know. Would you like to meet them?

Me: Sure.

Lincoln took me into another room and he introduced me to the youngest sister.

Lincoln: This is the youngest: Lily. She's 15 months old.

Me: Aw! She's so cute.

Lily was about to cry.

Me: Oh I think I know what you want.

I hand Lily her Lavender Blankie.

Lincoln: You're great with babies J.D.

Me: I've had some experiences. (I hold her) (Baby Talk) You want to see some silly faces? (I make a lot of funny faces and she laughs)

Lincoln: Wow, you are great with that.

I put Lily in her crib and the second youngest sibling came in.

Lisa: Greetings elder brother. Who is this fine gentleman you have with you?

Lincoln: This is my friend J.D. Knudson. J.D. this is Lisa.

Me: It's a pleasure to meet you Lisa.

Lincoln: Lisa is the genius of us. She's 4-years-old and she has a PhD and won a Junior Nobel Prize.

Me: Wow. That's amazing. I've noticed all sorts of high-technology equipment when we came in here. Lisa are you trying to figure out how to cure every disease known to man and invent new ways to benefit all of humanity?

Lisa: Yes I am. I've recently came up with a cure for Escherichia Coli, street name: E-coli.

Me: Wow! That is incredible.

Then a voice screamed.


Lana: Make me!

Lincoln: We got another twin fight.

Me: Twin sisters huh? Cool.

Lincoln took me into the twins room.

The twins were fighting in a cloud.

Me: Does this happen a lot?

Lincoln: Yep it does.

Lincoln broke up the fight.

Lincoln: Guys I'd like you to meet my friend J.D. He just moved here.

Me: It's a pleasure to meet you both. Can you tell me about yourselves?

Lola: My name is Lola Loud. I like Tea Parties, the Color Pink, and photo shoots. I compete in Beauty Pageants.

Me: I can see that. You have a lot of Pageant Crowns and trophies. You have quite the talent.

Lola: Why thank you.

Lana: My name is Lana Loud. I like mud, animals, and I'm a handyman. (Hands me a business card) I do toilets, sinks, showers and automobiles.

Me: Wow!

Lana's frog friend Hops leaps onto her shoulder.

Lana: This is my friend Hops.

Me: It's a pleasure to meet you Hops.

Hops high-fives me with his tongue.

Lincoln: Lana & Lola are both 6 years old and they have different traits.

Me: That's all right with me.

The 4th youngest came in.

Laney: Lincoln can I ask you a quick question?

Lincoln: Sure Laney. But first let me introduce you to someone. This is my friend J.D. Knudson. He just moved here from Colorado. J.D. This is Laney Loud. She is 7 years old and she is our artist.

Laney: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Me: Likewise.

Lincoln: Sorry J.D. I miscounted. I have 11 sisters.

Me: That's alright. It happens to me too. So what kind of pictures do you paint?

Laney showed me her paintings and they were beautiful. She had a lot of talent.

Me: Laney, your pictures are beautiful.

Laney: Thank you.

Lincoln: So what did you want to ask me?

Laney: I forgot. I'm sorry.

Me: That happens to me too. I hate it when that happens.

The 5th youngest appeared out of nowhere and scared us as a pipe organ plays.

Lucy: Hey Lincoln.

Lincoln: Hey Lucy. This is my friend J.D.

Me: It's a pleasure to meet you Lucy. I take it you're into vampires and dark stuff?

Lucy: That's right.

Me: I'm a fan of the band Within Temptation. They're awesome.

Lucy: Interesting. I'm into poetry and I have my own funeral service.

Lucy handed me a business card.

Me: Lucy's Lament. I'll have to call you when one of my family members kicks the bucket so to speak.

Lucy: Thank you. I need a word that rhymes with "rain".

Me: Poetry really wasn't my thing but I know a few. How about Gain, Drain, Train or Chain?

Lucy: Thank you. (Walks off)

Me: Lucy is pretty cool.

Lincoln: Yeah but to me she can be spooky.

Me: Well that's okay

Lynn Jr.: (Offscreen) Heads up!

A football flew in and I caught it.

Lincoln: Wow! You got quick reflexes.

Me: Thank you.

The 5th oldest came in.

Lynn Jr.: You caught my football? Cool.

Lincoln: Lynn this is my friend J.D. J.D. this is Lynn. She's 13-years-Old and she's the Sports Fanatic and Athlete.

Me: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Lynn Jr.: Same here.

She shakes my hand and she has a strong grip.

Me: Wow. You have a strong grip. What sports do you play?

Lynn Jr.: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Hockey, And More.

Me: Wow. You have a tremendous love of sports. I watch a lot of football and baseball on t.v. But I mostly watch crime documentaries.

Lynn Jr.: Cool.

Lincoln: We still have more sisters to meet.

As we were about to enter Luna and Luan's room, Lincoln pulled out an umbrella as a bucket of water dumped on us. We didn't get soaked.

Me: The old water bucket over the door trick. A classic.

Luan: Come on Lincoln. I thought we were Pails. (rimshot) (laughs)

Me: (Laughs) Good one.

Lincoln: (Groans) J.D. This is Luan. She's 14 years old and she is the jokester.

Me: It's a pleasure and I can tell you have quite the sense of humor.

Luan: Thank you. I have a (shakes my hand and zaps me) Shocking Personality. (Rimshot) (Laughs) Get it?

Me: (Laughs) You are so Funny!

Luan: (Reveals a Joy Buzzer) Thank you I know what Buzzes you. (Rimshot) (Laughs)

Me: (Laughs) Lincoln, Luan is Hilarious! (Laughing Hysterically) Call a doctor! I'm about to bust a gut!

Lincoln: J.D. just moved here from Colorado Luan.

Luan: Wow. I've heard it's beautiful there.

Me: (Calms Down) Sorry about that. It is beautiful. The Mountains are gorgeous.

Electric guitar music played and we saw the 3rd eldest Luna playing.

Me: Rock on Dudette!

Luna: Thanks Dude!

Lincoln: (Luna Stops Playing) Luna this is J.D. He just moved here from Colorado. Luna is 15 years old.

Me: Pleasure to meet you Luna.

Luna: Likewise dude.

Me: So you're the rockstar of the family?

Luna: Yep. My idol Mick Swagger is my inspiration and it's Rockin! (Guitar Strum) Yeah!

Me: Rock on!

We went to the last room and out came the 2nd eldest.

Leni: Oh hello there. Are you Elvis?

Me: (Laughs) No I'm not. But a lot of people say that I look like Elvis brought back as someone else.

Lincoln: Leni this is J.D. He just moved here. J.D. This is Leni. She's 16 years old.

Me: It's a pleasure.

Leni: Same here.

Me: You sure are pretty Leni.

Leni: Oh why thank you J.D.

She left and We met the eldest sister.

Lincoln: Hey Lori.

Lori: Whatever it is, I'm busy.

Me: You must be the eldest of the Loud sisters. I'm J.D. I just moved here from Colorado.

Lori: Oh. It's a pleasure. I'm Lori. I was texting Bobby.

Me: I take it he's your boyfriend?

Lori: Yes he is.

Lincoln: Lori is 17 years old and she's the bossy one.

Me: I see.

Lori: So how beautiful is Colorado?

Me: The mountains are gorgeous. I loved Colorado and lived there for my entire life. I'm going to love Royal Woods even more. I got to get home and finish moving in to my huge mansion.

Everyone came out and were amazed and started bombarding me with questions.

Me: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! One at a time people.

Lola: How did you get a mansion?

Me: My family won the Jackpot of the Colorado Lottery and we're now filthy rich.

Lori: Can you show us?

Me: Sure.

I led the Loud family to our huge multi-million dollar mansion and they were in awe.

Me: Welcome to my Humble Abode.

Lori: You live in the old Morbucks Estate?

Me: Yep. I take it they were the previous owners of this mansion?

Lola: Yeah. Princess Morbucks was the worst, spoiled rotten and snobbiest child ever known here in Michigan. She went to our school at Royal Woods Elementary and after she went on several crime sprees she became homeless.

Lisa: All their assets were seized and they were evicted and forced to live on the streets.

Me: I hate people like that. She got what was coming to her.

Inside I showed the Loud's around and we saw numerous rooms.

The Loud's were amazed.

After the Loud's went back to their house I finished unpacking my stuff and got into bed.

Me: I'm gonna love it here in Michigan.


There you have it folks. This is my first fanfiction ever created. I inserted myself and my family as OC's and used the Morbucks Estate from The Powerpuff Girls as my new home.

I added Kinghammer Publishing's Fanfiction Character Laney Loud to add more interest. I'm sorry if I stole your character.

All characters belong to Nickelodeon Studios

Laney Loud belongs to Kinghammer Publishings

The Morbucks Estate and Princess Morbucks belongs to Cartoon Network.

Also I would like to thank Thomperfan for the ideas and inspiration.
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