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Oh the Lulz!

Chat logs from random chat sessions between DP admins/members, just for fun ;)

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Oh the Lulz!

Postby Prongs » February 8th, 2010, 8:40 pm

* aciidb0mb3r ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
* aciidb0mb3r ([email protected]) has joined #pokemonfunzone
* Prongs|away is now known as Prongs|yeahstillaway
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* aciidb0mb3r ([email protected]) has joined #pokemonfunzone
* Prongs|yeahstillaway is now known as Prongs
<Prongs> a
<@Mewtwo> b
* Retrieving #pokemonfunzone modes...
<Prongs> Is the new forum fine?
<@Mewtwo> new?
<Prongs> Gen 5
<@Mewtwo> not seen
<@Mewtwo> I was going to make it yesterda
<@Mewtwo> y
<Prongs> PT made it anyway
<Prongs> This is something you may like.
<@Mewtwo> o.0 @ that crazy song
<@Mewtwo> Is it supposed to have some kind of tune?
* PoKeMoNFUNZoNe sets mode: +ao aciidb0mb3r aciidb0mb3r
<@aciidb0mb3r> :-w
<@aciidb0mb3r> who is mbncd
<%mbncd> o.o
<@Mewtwo> o.o
<@aciidb0mb3r> wht
<@PoKeMoNFUNZoNe> o.o
<%mbncd> ive been around a real long time
<@aciidb0mb3r> :-s
<%mbncd> tho not these last 2 weeks >_<
<@aciidb0mb3r> yea saw u in the user list
<@aciidb0mb3r> never saw u talk
<@Mewtwo> she talks when you take her name
<Prongs> <@Mewtwo> o.0 @ that crazy song
<Prongs> <@Mewtwo> Is it supposed to have some kind of tune? <---I like it.
* %mbncd likes her lurking
* @Mewtwo hides
<@aciidb0mb3r> you dont have fingers?
<@Mewtwo> o.0
<@aciidb0mb3r> mewtwo.....
<@aciidb0mb3r> images......
* %mbncd huggles mtwo
* @aciidb0mb3r pokes mewtwo
<@aciidb0mb3r> brb wc
<%mbncd> never really could figure out how wc stands for bathroom...
<@aciidb0mb3r> Hmm
<@Mewtwo> Water Closet
<Prongs> lol
<@aciidb0mb3r> ow ow ow , presurre
<%mbncd> is that it? never heard that before
<@aciidb0mb3r> brb
<@Mewtwo> aciidb0mb3r
<%mbncd> "#pokemonfunzone.20070921.log" wow ive been here since '07, time flies
<@Mewtwo> aww
* @Mewtwo petpets mbncd
* @Mewtwo tries to cuddle her hard
* @Mewtwo cuddles harder
* @Mewtwo keeps trying to cuddle even hard
* %mbncd huggles mtwo n wishes he'd call her mb...
* @Mewtwo wants to call mb El... :<
* @Mewtwo thinks El.. is a sweet name
<%mbncd> i dont
* Prongs is wondering what is going on
<%mbncd> nothing prongs
<@Mewtwo> Sssh.. it's grown up talk
<@Mewtwo> go back to DPForums
* Prongs is grown wnough
<Prongs> *enough
<%mbncd> oh yeah any idea when the heart gold n something silver games r coming out? heard theyre soon
* @Mewtwo slams the door on Prongs, with the rest of the people inside, alongwith mb
<%mbncd> oh be nice mtwo
* @Mewtwo swirls mb around.. n around.. n around.. until she gets dizzy @[email protected]
<%mbncd> lol
<@Mewtwo> it's on 14th March for US
* Prongs is preparing his Bazuka
* Prongs is taking aim
<%mbncd> cool, think aussieland here gets it around the same time
<@Mewtwo> I read it as Bonanza
* Prongs fired Mewtwo away
* Prongs is grinning
* Prongs pulls out a detonator
* Prongs presses the trigger
* Prongs is boomed!
* Prongs is a spirit again
* %mbncd watches prongs blow himeself up then dusts him off n sits him down with the rest of us
* Prongs is in odd form
<%mbncd> like a ditto?
* Prongs wants him to be made taller
* %mbncd stretches prongs taller
<%mbncd> better?
* Prongs wants more
* Prongs is lol'ing @ ... 751#p11751
<@Mewtwo> o.o;;
* Prongs is wondering where Mewtwo went
<@Mewtwo> eww
* Prongs is leaving
* Prongs is now known as Prongs|away
<Prongs|away> :D
<@Mewtwo> -.-
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