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Super shiro to telecast on cn (22?nd f...?)

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Super shiro to telecast on cn (22?nd f...?)

Postby SATOSHI OROTABA 888 » August 26th, 2021, 10:18 pm

Super shiro
Is a spin off series of Shinchan
You'll be shocked that it was made in 2019, japan
And soon in 2021 all eps were dubbed in hindi
And if I am honest , I found them a little lacking and voice actors were like children's voice. But the Dubbing was nice and good although
And I liked it
If you talk about dubbing and overall ratings
I should give it 4.1 in 5
So it got telecasted in Cn
The release date was 22nd February , 2021
And you should check it's hindi episodes
They were good
And the main thing was the , I mean let's discuss the storyline ...
Shinchan's dog shiro is an super hero in the series and his mission is to find a bone named bobobobobone for rescuing the earth from evils .

And it got end in japan and all eps got telecasted in cn

Is it related to Shinchan episodes?
No , nothing related to Shinchan.
It is fully focused on shiro

Who were the main evil ?
There was a evil dog named degapoo who is shiro's villain and trys to steal the bone , his mission is to become the minister of the earth.

And it is fully made by me and no credits to anyone it's by me

Release date is 22nd Feb

And more information by me , coming soon...

And reviews will be there , my reviews for all cn shows

I Saw the show and the review is fully prepared by me and none lines are nothing is taken from web or Google (And this was for those who keep on telling me I paste always web content)
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