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10 Hidden Details Everyone Missed In Origins Ep 1

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10 Hidden Details Everyone Missed In Origins Ep 1

Postby SATOSHI OROTABA 888 » August 25th, 2021, 3:08 pm

10 Hidden Details Everyone Missed In Pokémon Origins Episode 1

Pokémon Origins is the animated and realistic adaptation of Pokémon Red and Blue. The mini-series has a lot of referential moments.

Pokémon Origins is the Pokémon Company's answer to purists who wanted a Pokémon series that was more true to the original games. This adaption still went in its own direction, but just one that had highlighted the actual events in the game, only sacrificing little details and game-isms in order to provide a brisk plot with the limited number of episodes the show had.

Many of the things in Pokemon Red/Blue that fans love, however, did make it into the show, even if it wasn't highlighted in the plot or story. In many ways, Pokemon Origins is a Pokemon anime that was more of an anime than the original they came up with. With that in mind, here are 10 little details you missed in the first episode of Pokemon Origins.

The Non-Pokemon Statue

Like in most Pokémon media, the presence of the non-Pokémon is there too. If you don't know what it is, it's the Pokémon statue of a creature that doesn't match anything in the Pokedex. Gamefreak has never created a pokemon similar to it or even given the statue a name.

The closest thing people have come up with is that it was the scrapped idea for a previous form of a Kengaskan Evolution line, which comes from the empty and unfinished Pokémon in the Pokedex that was locked out of the game but is still in the files, known in the community as Missingno. In Pokemon Origins this iteration instead of being bipedal is more canine in look and can be found in Brock's gym.

Red's Voice Actor

If his voice is familiar, it is. Some might know it from Sword Art Online, as Red's voice actor is the same as Kirito, both being the main characters of the series. Others may know his voice from Miraculous! Tales of Lady Bug and Cat Noir, as Red shares his voice with Cat Noir in this case who is also the male lead of the series. If there's a bug running around your brain screaming about familiarity this is why. Bryce Papenbrook is a popular voice actor in leads for anime series and even has voiced the lead for Seven Deadly Sins.

Really Big Pallet Town

Anime adaptions happen to love making Pallet Town look really big and pretty when in the game it was 3 houses with a lake in the back and a bunch of vagrants standing outside people's houses. In Pokemon Origins you can see the detail and beauty with even a water fountain, which is just a head shaking moment for anyone who played the original games which this anime was supposed to be truer to. If they wanted to be accurate there has to be less ornate-ness and more vagrants giving kids advice about battling monsters and fishing the moment they step outside the house.

The XYZ Quote

This catchphrase was added to a rather popular character in Pokémon by the name of Ash during the XY/XYZ seasons. This quote was "Science is so amazing!" which you can hear Red utter in the very first episode of Pokemon Origins. While Ash said this every episode that season as a running gag before the machine either failed or exploded, Red had only said it once as a possible reference to the long-running and popular anime series that Ash stars in. This is a nice shoutout to the people who have been long-running fans of the original anime and those who are connected to the particular season.

Started With Running Shoes

Within the first minute of the episode, Red excitedly runs out the door and fans of the original Red/Blue games heart's collectively sunk realizing they got screwed by Gamefreak in that instance by making the first part of the game very artificially slow when it could have been that easy. It might have been a feature they forgot to include for all fans or something they didn't want to go near because of a limited episode amount and felt it didn't thematically fit, but for whatever reason, it would have been a nice shoutout for those who struggled if they showed how they shared the pain through the story.

Brock's Voice Actor

If Brock's voice sounds eerily similar to another character it's because he's voiced by another voice actor who is well known for voicing main characters. Main characters such as Ichigo from Bleach and Lelouch from Code Geass are under his belt as characters he's voiced. It's an odd thought of Lelouch or Ichigo giving Red advice on Pokemon battling throughout the episode and acting as a mentor, but that's exactly how this episode goes. If you're used to Brock being a gravelly-voiced woman obsessed character, this is not your Brock. The voice actor for Brock in Pokemon Origins is Johnny Yong Bosch.

Charmander the Cat

Within the second sound Charmander makes in Pokemon Origins, it meows. The Pokémon voices in Pokemon Origins make very odd noises and are probably trying to better replicate the sounds they make in the game than in the other more popular series counter-part, but they come off as more uncanny and weird as you can easily tell it's just people trying to be squeaky over a microphone. One of these odd noises besides unintelligible screaming is that meow you can hear Charmander do during the first part of the episode.

Greedy Red

Blue makes a very off comment when picking out his Pokemon, Squirtle. He says that he isn't greedy like Red, which is a direct reference to the original games where if you try to take a second pokemon Blue yells at you for being greedy, which stops you from taking that Bulbasaur you probably wished you could get the moment he chose Squirtle. This is a nice callback to the original games that most fans probably glossed over because of its brevity during the scene, but those who noticed it got a nice treat.

Skipped the First battle

One of the biggest problems in the first episode is that they skip the first rival battle with Blue where he wants to test his Pokémon against yours in a very Blue move, but instead in Pokémon Origins he literally shoves his Squirtle in Red's face and runs off to do God knows what.

That Rival battle is very important in the story as it shows the difference between the two trainers and how each one goes about battling and what they need to learn. Having it be a one on one later at Viridian makes less sense because at that point Red would have over 10 Pokemon or a full 6 pokemon team and would have had a full team battle.

Red Sent Out a Level 43 Nidoran

If the show is going by the game logic of Red/Blue rather than Yellow, which is supposed to be based on Ash and his adventure, then Red caught a heck of a Nidoran. This is based on Nidoran knowing the move Double Kick, something it only learns at level 43, with this in mind it makes sense Brock's Geodude went down so easy. If it's based on Yellow, then Nidoran would learn it at level 12 which would make sense too but isn't the point of the series where it's heavily implied to be based on the original games. You do not know the sheer amount of either luck or stupid amounts of grinding on Route 2 Red had done in order to have a well over qualified super Nidoran. To make this worse if he did over level a Nidoran he had to stop its evolution every level just to have a pokemon that looks like an underdog but hits like a freight train. Apparently he REALLY took Brock's words to heart. This is all without mentioning the Ratata genocide necessary in order to achieve this.

Credits to John O' Connor and the
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