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Pokemon Tales By Me #2

Well! Well! It's our old pal Poké-Shakespere.
C'mon old man, we'll have a spot of tea and dicuss our latest fanfics. Ideas, help, anything related to writing fanfics can be discussed in this forum.

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Pokemon Tales By Me #2

Postby SATOSHI OROTABA 888 » November 19th, 2021, 11:48 pm

In ancient times
People used to Pray to the King of the seas to give them the pure sea water (people were smh dumb that time) .

One day a Pokemon named Sea King just thought to find the King of the Seas in Real Life , because it thought that I can be the king of seas bcoz my name is Sea King

But he just randomly smh met the King of the Sea , Magikarp
(Note- In Japanese Magikarp meaning is king of the seas)

And then a epic fight began among them
And then Magikarp Evolved



If you feel this good , write in comments
And if you want the next part too

How's it ?

This was my second try , so don't expect it to be too good
My first try was quite similar to this one but I tried to make a nice story and remake of my first one , so I just tried. Write in comments , how's it ? :P
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